Next Meeting:  Wed, March 20, 7:30 AM at Flag Hill Distillery & Winery in Lee, NH : Club Forum
Upcoming meeting: Wed, March 27, 7:30 AM at Flag Hill Distillery & Winery in Lee, NH
Current News:
  • Our members do great things - serving in the military for our country, free home repairs for those with need in the community, volunteering with the Red Cross on relief efforts in NC, raising funds to eradicate Polio once and for all and countless other activities to serve our local and international community!  We're still looking for more great men and women who enjoy friendship, service and being part of the community you live in.  Contact today!
  • Our club is growing!  We have so many exciting things going on this year!  Want to know a little more about Rotary, shoot us an email using our Contact Us page!
  • Durham Great Bay Rotary will be hosting the Independence Day Celebration and  Fireworks in July of 2019 at Wildcat Stadium in Durham in conjunction with the University of NH and the Town of Durham.  Great photos from last year's evening are on our Facebook page and can be seen on this website as well in the Photo Albums section.   Thanks to all who participated and attended and thank you to all the great sponsors!  We have some great opportunities for other organizations to participate and/or for sponsorship opportunities - Contact Us to find out more!
     The UNH Rotaract Club and the Rotary Club of Durham-Great Bay recently worked together as a team to help provide an amazing amount of food supplies for the End 68 Hours of Hunger organization.  End 68 Hours of Hunger aims to keep students and sometimes their families from feeling the pains of hunger from the time the school bell rings on Friday to opening bell on Monday morning.  It is a great organization and one that the UNH Rotaract Club has been helping for a number of years.  These last two years, our club has been honored to be a small part of the Trick or Treat for Hunger campaign that the UNH Rotaract students organize.  A week prior to Trick or Treat night in Dover, the students leave information about End 68 Hours of Hunger and instructions for what and how to leave food donations at their doors or have ready when these same students return on trick or treat night to collect the donations.  Cars and drivers on Halloween night provided by the Durham-Great Bay Rotary.